Exploring the Impact of Technology on Art in Monroe, Louisiana

The Northeast Louisiana Arts Council is devoted to providing excellent arts resources and experiences for students and their families in the Monroe, Louisiana area. With the help of a grant from the Arts Division of the Office of Cultural Development of the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, in collaboration with the Louisiana State Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, the organization has been able to investigate how technology has influenced the production and display of artworks. In 1952, a gathering of London artists called the Independent Group began discussing topics such as the place of mass culture in fine art, the found object, and science and technology. This conversation was a precursor to today's modern visualization system.

With limited funding through an internal technology grant, flat screen monitors and small computers were placed in busy areas on campus. The computers had a basic operating system and the web browser pointed to an internal website. Utilizing a straightforward metadata update (html tag), the browser showed several campus events (one announcement per page). Once installed, computer labs could also point to this site and set up additional points of contact with students. Technology has been used to improve marketing and communication to get more posts, but many respondents highlighted its power to broaden and deepen the audience experience.

For instance, In Plain Sight Art Studio at University of Southeastern Louisiana's Computer Science and Technology Building has used technology to create an immersive experience for viewers. Pastry Case's collection of works was originally exhibited in the artist's renowned 1961 installation entitled The Store, located on the Lower East Side of New York. The Northeast Louisiana Arts Council believes that all children should have access to quality arts education. Through its advocacy efforts, it is striving to guarantee that technology is used to enhance art experiences rather than replace them. By providing resources and experiences for students in the region, it is helping to foster creativity and imagination through art.

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