Exploring the Themes of Art in Monroe, Louisiana

Art Deco architecture is renowned for its modern and energetic spirit, with abstract decorative motifs that add to its sophistication. El-Awadi, a second-year student at Louisiana Tech University, is an aspiring artist whose paintings are bold, vibrant and colorful. He draws inspiration from everyday people and experiences, and describes his style as “expressive portraits”. El-Awadi's artworks often feature an element of abstraction.

For example, in his work entitled “Plum Style”, he conveys the paradox of beauty and vitality with flowers, while the skull symbolizes death and endings. His floral sculptures are fun and cheerful, such as in “Nostalgic Flower: Vase with 7 Flowers”, which features a bouquet of flowers in a rotating vase. Harris, a talented painter from Monroe, LA, graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. In her studio work, she likes to explore color as a subjective element to reflect the mood she wants to convey rather than the natural colors present in nature.

The artworks created by El-Awadi and Harris explore various themes such as beauty, vitality, death, endings, nostalgia and color. El-Awadi's paintings are expressive portraits that combine abstraction with realism. Harris' works focus on color as an emotional element. Both artists use their art to express their ideas and feelings about life.

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